9 Tips For Managing a Remote Team Effectively Amidst Coronavirus Shutdown

Laira Martin of Seek Business Capital interviewed me for my take on the challenges of managing a remote team and leading from a distance. It’s my belief that employees are entitled to absolute transparency.
An undercurrent of uncertainty will not only undercut your teams productivity, it will wear on the emotional health of your team. I suggest establishing new avenues to give a voice to un-asked questions, providing answers where possible and humility if not.
In the article, Laira spoke to multiple entrepreneurs who offered great wisdom:
  • Ian Kelly of NuLeaf Naturals recommends a daily practice of recording three main priorities for the coming day.
  • Catherine Tabor, CEO of Sparkly, raises the role of empathy in achieving success.
  • Chain Steiner of Crediful warns against micromanaging.
Whether you’re managing a remote team or troubleshooting your own work from home practice, the full article offers concrete tips for making the most of our current conditions.