Zain Ventures is an active investor in a variety of real estate initiatives across the US with a current portfolio of projects across the United States. Zain Ventures is looking at opportunities throughout the globe and is presently invested with Blackstone for exposure to the European real estate market.

tall city buildings


Apartments Multifamily Apartment buildings is the largest focus area for the real estate investment activities of Zain Ventures. Our direct owned portfolio consists of 400 units across 4 buildings in Texas. We also have 10 US-based investments across 8 states which is overseen by our trusted partners. Brick Maze, Texas Zain Ventures owns 100% of a…

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Jensen Beach, Florida Zain Ventures is the largest investor in Jensen Beach, a 339 unit storage facility located in Florida. This investment is managed by our partner, Tim Bratz of Commercial Empire. Patriot, North Carolina Zain Ventures is the sole investor in Patriot, a 300 unit storage facility located in Raeford, North Carolina. This investment…

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Furnished Rentals

Furnished-Rentals Zain Ventures is ramping up its portfolio of short-term furnished rentals in downtown San Francisco, California. We buy properties with 100% cash that can yield a minimum 5% cap rate with the objective of holding them indefinitely. 195 7th Street, San Francisco Zain Venturnes owns and operates this fully-furnished corner unit studio in the…

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12th & Yesler Apts


Commercial Real Estate is a large focus area for Zain Ventures with 21 US based investments. We own and operate our own direct portfolio of 400+ units, and are also a joint venture partner or limited partner across a variety of other projects. Direct Portfolio Sugar North McAllen, Texas Asset Class: Multifamily Size: 76 Units…

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