The Reality of Office Space After COVID

Lisa Brown, an editor for, recently interviewed me to get my take on the new realities of the commercial real estate office market. While so many real estate investors are worried about what will happen to the office market post-COVID, we talked about some of the niche market dynamics that should be taken into consideration. In the article, we discussed:
  • The need for landlords to allocate more funds to building safety
  • The potential positive implications for real estate investors of D densification
  • Which industries are most likely to make the quickest come back
  • Implications for both densely populated cities as well as suburban office Spaces
  • Changing occupancy rates for various geographic regions
Overall, the conclusion is an optimistic one, summed up in my statement “Regardless, it’s important to note that the reality of office real estate is both more complex and more hopeful than one might glean from current headlines.” You can read the whole article here: