Zain Ventures invests globally in start-ups, real estate, stocks, fixed-income, hedge funds, and private equity.


Private Investment Management

Zain Jaffer started investing in startup businesses and launched Zain Ventures as a family office with a large, diversified portfolio of personal assets. Zain Ventures manages the investment activities for entrepreneur-investor Zain Jaffer and was set up after he sold his startup to Blackstone for $780M. Once he started investing in startup companies, Jaffer launched this private investment management firm to make long-term strategic investment decisions that would grow assets intelligently while still having enough flexibility in the portfolio to take advantage of shifting trends and opportunities that arise.

Investment Focus for Zain Jaffer


Startup InvestmentS

Zain Ventures is actively investing in startup companies and looks for strong startup investments to support. In particular, he seeks out PropTech startup ventures that are capitalizing on the innovation opportunities in the this field.

Real Estate Investments

Zain Ventures actively manages investments, led personally by Zain Jaffer, in real estate projects both in the United States, as well as working with other managers to make global real estate investments overseas.

Asset Management

Zain Ventures partners with specialist operators and fund managers to invest in a diverse portfolio of stocks, fixed income, hedge funds, and private equity in order to achieve its investment objectives.

Private Investor and Enthusiastic Venture Capitalist

The personal investment management strategies pairs solid investment fundamentals, grounded in time-tested principles like strategy, fiscal prudence and foundational business investment, with more venture capitalist investing endeavors and the flexibility to strongly support industry disruption, innovation, and visionary thinking.

The staff at Zain Ventures understands the importance of fiscal responsibility that ensures there will always be enough resources to fund passion projects. That is why they handle the private investment management for assets across a wide spectrum of industries and opportunities, including real estate, PropTech and new tech startups. They also understand the unique opportunities that startups afford. These investments are building new technologies and blazing new trails.