Taking Yourself Out Of The Equation: How To Manage the Mayhem of the COVID-19 Market

I had the chance to contribute a piece to Worth Magazine in which I review the state of the market and offer my advice for non-emotional investing. Panic is high, but there are inarguable signs of opportunity in the market.
Major points of discussion are:
  • Analysts at Morgan Stanley have reported a switch in their indicator from ‘downturn’ to ‘repair’ — the protocol for a repair period is to add risk selectively.
  • Investors should consider the math of their portfolio and let the numbers work. Self-imposed, empirical rules allow you to automate your reactions to inevitable market fluctuations.
  • Investors can account for their impulses by choosing a ‘safe’ area for panic capital to land.
COVID 19 Real Estate Market
Even the most experienced investors need a plan. The full article is available on Worth. It was also featured on Daily Magazine.
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