Experts: Commercial Real Estate Needs to Rethink Office, Retail and Other Spaces

I was fortunate to contribute to an article in Corp! Magazine that outlines current trends in the commercial real estate sector. The article features expert voices in the industry, including Ellen Mahoney of RE/MAX Commercial connection. Ellen suggests that although the shocks to the commercial sector may be latent, the closing quarter of 2020 holds promise for investors.

I had the chance to add the following:

  • Investors face an immediate need to invest more capital in their properties to remain relevant in the emerging market.
  • Capital should be focused on technological solutions to health and safety; facial recognition, hands free technology, advanced air filtration will quickly be the norm.
  • Co-working spaces will be hit hardest, a niche but significant sector of the market that holds little promise for expedient return.

The article is available here.