A Shift In Priority: What Sustainability in Business Means Post COVID-19

What is sustainability in business? —In a recent article for Worth, I shared my take on the changing market forces, their sources, and their impacts. Drastic shifts in consumer priority, as we’ve experienced through COVID-19, cause large-scale behavioral changes, and the market follows.

Why business sustainability is important? —Rarely is a crisis as collectively felt as COVID-19. People everywhere have confronted health and safety as a public responsibility. We’ve experienced first-hand our interdependence—how our actions can help or harm others, and how cooperation is integral for tangible change.

In the article, I outline:

  • Business sustainability is driving market competition. Signs of environmental reprieve and new disclosure expectations have solidified the trend of ESG investments outperforming other sectors.
  • Sustainability in business has a human side. Buildings with morale solutions will be more competitive, and philanthropic, employee-first company cultures will attract more consumer support.

Photo courtesy of Morning Brew via Worth  via Unsplash

In summation, investors are at an inflection point. The winning strategy for capital gain is going green and building a portfolio that prioritizes environmental, human, and business sustainability.

You can read the original article on Worth.