“Is This The Right Time To Invest?”

In an article for ValueWalk’s business section, I address the most pressing question in today’s market: is this the right time to address? Last week, record job loss co-existed with gains in the market — the confusion is entirely understandable. My short answer is yes, we face an opportune time to invest, but I offer the following stipulations:
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  • It’s imperative that long-term investors focus on results that are years away, expect multiple bad earnings seasons, and avoid the temptation to try to time the market.
  • To reduce reactionary investing, divide your investable cash into segments, set quantitative rules, and adhere to your plan.
  • Choose safe havens like bonds to ensure a portion of your portfolio remains on solid ground.
Portfolios are personal, and when it comes to volatile markets, plans are best executed without passion. For a deeper dive, you can find the full text here. The article was also featured on ZeroHedge.